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Arrington, Brookelyn 7th Grade Science
Barnwell, Andre 8th Grade Math/Social Studies
Barnwell, Michele ISS Coordinator/Reading Coach
Bloser, Jenny Media Specialist
Brown, Juliet Chorus
Burk, Michelle School Counselor
Clements, Patricia 6th Grade Math/Social Studies
Dawson, Jennifer 7th Grade Social Studies
Dixon, Sheena 7th Grade Math
Duke, Denise Special Education
Duke, Lisa Special Education
Dykes, Jennifer Special Education
Edwards, Stephen 8th Grade Honors Language Arts
Ellison, Katie Special Education
Evans, Lia 8th Grade Social Studies
Fleming, Billie Health/Physical Education
Green, Irene 8th Grade Science/Social Studies
Hall, Emily Special Education
Harrison , Victoria Family and Consumer Sciences
Henson, Kimberly Connections Teacher/Computers
Hernandez, Carla 7th Grade Language Arts
Huckabee, Maria 6th Grade Honors Math
Hunt, Matthew 8th Grade Honors Science
Hunt, Stephanie Special Education
Jackson, Andrea 8th ELA/Social Studies
Jacobs, Flurry Special Education
Judson, James Agricultural Education
Kay, Amanda Special Education
Kent, Jessica 7th Grade Science
Kilmer, Sarah Art Teacher
Lane, Caroline 8th Grade Honors Social Studies
Lashley, Ryann Special Education
Little, Natalie 6th Grade Honors Language Arts
McCann, Sean 6th Grade Math/Social Studies
McDonald, Lloyd Band Director
McDuffie, Robert Athletic Director
Medalis, Mandy 6th Grade Honors Social Studies
Moulder, Macy 7th Grade Honors Language Arts
Murray, Melissa 6th Grade Language Arts
Norman, Matthew Engineering / Technology
Payne, Susan 8th Grade Science
Pearce, Bud Health/Physical Education
Pearce, Kelly 6th Grade Math
Peavy, Paula 7th Grade Honors Social Studies
Pinto, Michael 7th Grade Social Studies
Poulin, Erin 7th Grade Language Arts
Rainey, Dustin 7th Grade Honors Math
Rainey, Kaitlin 7th Grade Math
Santana, Betzy Special Education
Shumway, Christopher 8th Grade Math
Smith, Brittany 7th Grade Honors Science
Smith, Rochelle School Counselor
Stillwell, Janice Special Education
Taylor, Carly 6th Grade Language Arts
Taylor, Matthew Special Education
Thomas, Demetria Assistant Principal of Discipline
Thomas, Robin Special Education
Topping, Matthew 8th Grade Honors Math
Turner, Bailey 6th Grade Social Studies
Waller, Tiffany 6th Grade Social Studies
Waller, Tomieka 6th Grade Honors Science
Waters, Georganne 8th Grade Language Arts
Wright, Sonja Special Education
Yarbrough, Kristy 6th Grade Science