Carla Hernandez

ELA Teacher Team 7B


Courses Taught:

English/Language Arts 7th Grade

Carla Hernandez


I can't wait to begin my next wonderful year with my students!  My first year was in 1988.  Since then, I have met and enjoyed so many students in so many grades, subjects, and schools.  Over the years I have taught all grades from 7th grade to 12th grade.  I have taught English, creative writing, mathematics, and social studies. Teaching English in Japan to children and adults was a favorite position that I held.   I also was able to enjoy being a news reporter for a couple of years which is a fabulous job where I learned so much!  Since I was unable to interact with my students for too  much of last school year, I will be so thankful for every day with them this year.  My mission as a teacher is to make them see that reading and writing is not a chore, but a pleasure and a tool for success for now and for  their future.  

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